Paid search specialist at ecommerce marketing agency

🚀 Adfix is a paid search & social ads agency for up-and-coming Ecommerce brands that want sustainable growth.

That’s our “elevator pitch” but there are a lot of things to unpack:

Adfix is a successful ad agency… We’re not on Madison Avenue in NYC though. But we do get to work with international accounts. Our typical client is a small-to medium-sized e-commerce store that does between $1M to $10M a year in business. We partner with these e-commerce brands to help them reach escape velocity! Many of our clients are growing brands in the fashion & beauty industry, as well as the automotive and sporting good arenas. You may have even heard of some of our clients!

Here’s a video testimonial from one of our clients (you can see more here and here)

Our clients have big ambitions to grow in a sustainable and healthy way. We want the same thing as our clients do. When they grow and make profit, so does our agency. Our agency’s success is tied to our client’s success. Some of our clients have been working with us for over six years, which shows you how successful we are at what we do. This is why we are looking to expand by having an expert Paid Search Ads Specialist join our team!

We’re working with the biggest ad platforms out there (FB/IG, Google, Youtube, Bing, DV360, Pinterest, TikTok, Snap… and even Amazon Ads) and we’ve been in business since 2011! By the way, did we mention that we are an official Meta business partner and also a Google premium partner?

Our company headquarters are in Brasov, Romania and we are a multicultural, remote team. Most of our clients are based in the US.

If you enjoy a challenge, genuinely like helping others and would like to work in an entrepreneurial and multicultural company, we’d like you to apply for our Paid Search Ads Specialist role!

About the role

The Paid Search Ads Specialist has a crucial role in the overarching goal of the company: client retention. Our “secret formula” for retention is: 50% results and 50% client relationship. You will mostly contribute to the results, but also to some parts of the client relationship (like providing insights based on data, brainstorming and sharing strategies).

What we’re looking for:

  • At least 1 year of experience running Google Ads and Analytics, working with multiple clients (agency experience is a plus)
  • Tech competence: types fast, Mac / Windows power user, expert in finding stuff on Google, understands how websites work
  • Reliable – take ownership of your work, you are responsible for the quality of the campaigns
  • Helpful – collaborate on projects and communicate clearly with the team
  • Coachable – you’re open to receiving feedback both positive and negative and can learn from failure
  • Curious – you like to understand how things work, experiment, learn about and implement the latest tools and tactics

What we’re not looking for:

  • Dishonesty (we believe in full transparency and honesty)
  • Self-centered (no matter how good you are, you mustn’t only care about yourself)
  • Unreliable (someone who can’t keep their commitments)
  • On a more practical note, if you’re working multiple full time jobs at the same time or are planning to leave before your first year, please don’t apply (we don’t like this behavior)

A typical week includes

The work schedule is flexible. You need to overlap with the rest of the team for at least 2 hours. We typically work Mon – Fri between 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 7pm Eastern European Time.

On smaller accounts you’ll be working individually and for larger ones we have a pod structure: depending on the scope a pod can have 2-3 people (on paid search, paid social, Amazon etc). One of the pod members will act as an account manager and keep in touch with the client.

We use Asana for project management (each client has a different project), Slack for real time communication, Front for email collaboration and a lot of Google Spreadsheets. For instance we have an internal tool called AIO which aggregates a client’s results across all the ad platforms that we manage for them and it also forecasts the performance of the campaigns until the end of the month. We use this tool to see how we’re doing for each project.

You’ll work on 6-12 accounts with budgets ranging from $2k – $150k / month. Here are some of the key activities:

  • 💡 Launch and update ads
  • 💡 Monitor & optimize campaign performance across your project portfolio.
  • 💡 Monitor & troubleshoot tracking tag implementations
  • 💡 Troubleshoot issues with Google Merchant and product feeds.
  • 💡 Research keywords, audiences, targeting, competitor ads etc.
  • 💡 Use Google Ads & Google Analytics to develop insights and action items intended to increase client revenues.
  • 💡 Brainstorm ideas with other team members on how we can improve our results.
  • 💡 Reach out to Google Ads / Google Merchant support to troubleshoot disapproval / policy issues affecting accounts.
  • 💡 Compile weekly, monthly, and lifetime reports with key performance metrics to quantify results and discuss insights with the project team.

Why Adfix instead of other companies?

We foster an entrepreneurial environment, this means that we don’t “handcuff” you to do things only in a certain way. We have our own processes, but we welcome and encourage adding and expanding them.

You have direct access to clients, colleagues and the CEO. The working relationship is not a stiff and formal one, you have the chance learn about interesting businesses, finance, different cultures, technology and online marketing as a whole.

We may not be in the top 1% of the market in terms of compensation, however we constantly hear feedback from our current and former employees that Adfix is a place where they developed a lot. Not only in online marketing and ecommerce, but across a wide range of disciplines. This helps them thrive in the online industry, despite the constant changes.

We’re not a churn & burn agency. Our average client retention is above industry average (we even have clients that have been working with us for over 6 years). Our core team has been with us from the start (even before Facebook Ads was a big deal!). We grew & continue to grow with our clients.

Who you’ll be working with

We’re a small and nimble team. Here’s a short description of ourselves:

Carla is young and very ambitious, but don’t let that fool you, she already has 5 years experience in ecommerce growth marketing. During her spare time she likes running, reading and writing on health & nutrition.

Jerome is a friendly paid search specialist. He is French but has a real love for the history of the Balkans. When he is not cranking away on keywords and campaigns, he is a great photographer.

Silviu is a seasoned paid search specialist. He also does our “dirty” work with setting up complex spreadsheets / dashboards and automation. He is a gym rat and enjoys vegan food.

Dragos is our Amazon Ads specialist. He is usually very quiet but fast on his motorbike. He loves nature and traveling (especially to warm climate countries).

Dimitar is our paid social expert. He knows the social ad platforms in and out. When he is not building a funnel or talking to clients he loves staying fit and eating healthy food.

Bogdan is our founder & CEO. He is an out of the box thinker who likes traveling, wine tasting experiences and listening to history and business podcasts.

Andreea is our business admin. She handles accounting and HR related things. She is keen on fashion, dancing and fluent in Spanish and Italian.


  • Yearly bonus and/or salary raise based on performance review
  • 20 days of paid time off a year
  • 100% remote
  • Yearly company retreat
  • Opportunities to attend training, workshops, and conferences
  • Reimbursement for co-working space membership or internet service at home
  • Monthly reimbursement for a gym membership, massage, and other wellness services


We want to ensure we get the top guy/gal for this role, so here are the steps you can expect in the hiring process:

Selected applicants will receive a test project, followed by 2 interviews: one with the team and one with the CEO. At the final stage, you will be asked to provide references from your previous managers.

👇 If you’re interested in applying, click here