Case Study – Outdoor Equipment

Case Study

Power Equipment Company* Generates $385,500 in 100 days with Adfix

* due to an agreement with our partner that referred us to this client, we cannot disclose their name.


Increase in clicks


Increase in revenue


Improvement in conversion rate


The client is an American owned and operated company, located in Florida. Their  team is completely dedicated to designing and developing their own clutch line for lawn mowers. Their line has over 2,000 clutch models and each new model is tested by experienced in-house engineering staff.

The Challenge - Running Adwords Campaigns In-house

Although the client had a good marketplace business, generating over $4 million in annual revenue, sales on their own website were lagging.

They had heard about Adwords, however after trying out a few campaigns on their own they realized that managing this activity required a lot of time and technical expertise and could end up being very costly if mismanaged. Eventually they turned to our team at Adfix to setup and manage their online advertising.

Our Solution

We analyzed the client's business and found that when a searcher was looking for a specific part for their lawnmower there was a high likelihood that he or she would convert into a sale if we got in front of them with our offering.

This is why we crafted a strategy around Shopping and Search campaigns on Google to improve their product visibility.

After covering the market for most of the long tail searches related to their products we focused our efforts on targeting customers higher up the funnel that were looking for broader queries.


We created a strategy to target specific searches related to part types and part numbers through Google Shopping, Google Search and BingAds.

Shopping Campaigns

  • Configured and optimized product feed according to Google’s requirements
  • Created a granular structure for the Shopping Campaigns, with each ad group targeting a specific product. This ensures that we can easily identify top performing products as well as under performing products and optimize them accordingly via bid management and negative keywords
  • We also used our in-house software to automatically update the shopping campaigns. This ensures that whenever new products were added on the website new ad groups were created
  • Performed search query optimization in order to identify top-performing searches as well as the under-performing ones;
  • Monitored high performing and low performing products and adjusted the bids to maximize ROI
  • Optimized the mobile bid adjustments by considering factors like mobile traffic behaviors

Search Campaigns

  • Search campaigns were created around each individual product. Keywords were grouped in order to have ads that make sense for user searches
  • In order to keep search campaigns healthy and updated, we used our in-house software to automatically pause ad groups when products ran out of stock and re-enable the ones which came back in stock
  • Also all the landing pages were continuously monitored by our in-house software in order to detect any site issues. If a product got deleted, a page got moved or the whole site goes offline, our team receives notification and acts promptly to fix any broken links or to pause the campaigns until the issue was fixed.


In the two years since they began leveraging the expertise of Adfix, Hancock has experienced the following results:









Ecommerce Conversion Rate













Increase in clicks


Increase in revenue


Improvement in conversion rates


Adfix successfully sets up and manages Google Adwords campaigns to help ecommerce businesses achieve dynamic growth without worrying about positive ROI.