Changes announced at Google Marketing Live Keynote 2018

Bogdan Chertes
PPC Search Engine Marketing

Earlier this week Google pulled back the curtain on some new things they were working on. They came out with lots of changes and I wanted to share some of the ones we found most interesting and that might be useful to you as well.


This is one is not really technical, but Google is ditching the Adwords brand in favor of something that sounds more natural: Google Ads.

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads combine headlines and descriptions from variations we input to create an ad that’s deemed “most relevant to the searcher.” Ideally this means our ads will be more catered to each user and query, instead of serving up a rotation of generic ads.

This is a step forward in more personalized search results, but also means less control for advertisers, and makes it more complicated to test ad copy. One big benefit, however, is that these ads can show up to 90% more copy than the existing text ads, meaning you take over more real estate on the Google results page.

Goal oriented campaigns

Google introduced a new way to customize various types of campaigns (Search, Display, Shopping or Video) around an advertiser’s goals.

The goals that we focus on when it comes to ecommerce campaigns are: maximizing revenue, acquiring new customers, achieving a specific ROI, generating leads, increasing brand and product consideration.

Local retail campaigns

In addition to their Local Inventory Ads which showcase products for nearby customers, Google released a few updates for retailers with physical store locations. They introduced a series of new ad formats and placements. For instance now, the ads can show up in the local search results pack, right under the map. They also improved the measurement of certain actions which we call micro-conversions.

New YouTube opportunities for brands

In the past, we could only optimize Youtube campaigns for views and impressions. Later this year, Google will roll out ‘Maximize lift’ to help you reach people who are most likely to consider your brand after seeing a video ad.

This is a good opportunity for brands to reach customers and influence their buying decision.


We’re here to help you navigate this ever changing ecosystem

As always we want to help you take advantage of these new tools in order to help grow your business and keep you up to date with the latest industry news.

Reach out to us if you have questions or want to discuss how you can leveraging some of these new features in your business.

Author: Bogdan Chertes

Bogdan has helped dozens of ecommerce businesses grow sales and acquire more customers by using data driven PPC marketing strategies.
At Adfix, he leads a team of top class PPC and Social Media experts that help clients maximize ROI from their campaigns.