Google Shopping Management

Google Shopping Management

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How does Google Shopping work for your ecommerce business?

Every time someone in your target audience searches for something you sell on Google, an image of your product shows up, linked and ready to be bought.

That’s what Google Shopping Ads can do for your business. It gets your products in front of online customers faster than any other method – and your competitors are already doing it.

Shopping ads are prime real-estate in Google search results page. Depending on the device, they are shown either on top of the text ads or organic search results or to the right of the search results.

Not using Google Shopping yet? You should.

Even if you’ve never used Google Shopping Ads before, we’ll be there to help you get started.

Designed for ecommerce

Google Shopping Ads is one of the most successful channels that any ecommerce company can use - and it’s a marketing channel built specifically for ecommerce. The visual products feed pops up only on keywords with a strong buying intent.

Increase conversions by using visual ads

Google Shopping Ads have the advantage of shortening the sales funnel and consequently increasing conversions. Potential customers see the products pictures and click directly to the product page. This strategy makes it easier for stores to advertise online - you don’t have to build hundreds of unique landing pages.

"It’s by far the biggest revenue driver for most of our clients in terms of PPC marketing - more than 60% of the ad budgets that we manage are allocated towards Google Shopping"

— Bogdan Chertes, CEO of Adfix

How to work with Google Shopping Ads

This strategy is deceptively simple.

On one hand you don’t need to brainstorm keywords or build and manage multiple landing pages, it helps with running ads at scale.

On the other hand, it requires constant tweaks, and it can easily eat through your budget if you’re not paying close attention - we’ve seen this during audits on a number of occasions.

common mistake is setting the same bid for all products (regardless of the margin or conversion rate). Google Shopping campaigns also need constant refining and excluding the search terms that trigger your products ads - something that companies often don’t do themselves.

Make your Google Shopping campaigns work better with Adfix, for profitable growth.

Designed for ecommerce

If you’re looking to get better results from your campaigns, working with an agency on your Google Shopping Ads can help increase the profitability of your campaigns without worrying about accidentally going over your ad budget.